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Fayetteville, North Carolina
Fayetteville, NC
Fayetteville is a diverse city that is known for its rich history as well as its position as a hub for military life. Although many United States cities were named after Marquis de Lafayette, Fayetteville was the first and is known as the only city actually visited by the Revolutionary War hero. The city is home to nine historic districts all of which rekindle the echo of history and invite a feeling of patriotism. Residents of the city have always had a sense of dedication to Fayetteville and a history of working together. Twice the residents joined together to rebuild their city after calamity struck. The first was the Great Fire of 1831 that destroyed more than 600 buildings. Several decades later, during the Civil War, citizens again bonded to rebuild the enormous destruction General Sherman's Union troops left behind.

Fayetteville is probably best known for its military affiliation. "Camp Bragg", first established in 1918, functions today as Fort Bragg, the world's largest airborne facility. Just a few minutes from this military installation is the downtown area which is currently undergoing a revitalization to recreate the heart of the city. Efforts are underway to transform downtown into a showplace for arts, culture, shopping, dining and commerce.

"George Herman 'Babe' Ruth hit his very first home run as a professional baseball player in the city of Fayetteville."

Athletics also play a major role in Fayetteville's lifestyle. There are more than 20 golf courses, some of which are award-winning. Baseball is also popular, and it is a popular fact that George Herman "Babe" Ruth hit his very first home run as a professional baseball player in the city of Fayetteville. Other spectator sports have garnered new excitement at the recently opened Crown Coliseum that seats 13,500 spectators. The new coliseum not only serves as a major sports complex but has also become a centerpiece for entertainment, theatre productions and numerous other special events.

This city is a fast growing area complete with seven museums, three colleges and universities, multiple entertainment venues, a historic downtown district, prize winning golf courses and endless historic sites. Living in Fayetteville will revive your patriotic character and knowledge of heritage.

Fayetteville, NC Homes

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