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NORTH CAROLINA: North Carolina invites you to explore. Criss-crossed with major highways and the second largest ferry system in the country, virtually all of North Carolina is easily accessible. But the most interesting parts of the state are to be found off the beaten track.

Divided into three major regions, North Carolina offers mountain idylls in the western portion of the state. Framed by the Blue Ridge Mountains, Asheville is not your typical mountain town. It is a modern, artistic community filled with galleries yet manages to retain its historic charm. Scattered throughout the western part of the state are a variety of big towns, villages and hamlets, so it is possible to get away from it all.
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SOUTH CAROLINA: South Carolina has used the same marketing slogan for a number of years - Smiling Faces, Beautiful Places - because it is so true. From the mountains to sea, South Carolina is filled with stunningly beautiful scenery. And the people you meet in South Carolina are almost unfailingly friendly. It's no wonder that South Carolina is experiencing incredible growth as more people discover that sun and sand are far more appealing than snow and exhaust fumes in the colder, more densely populated parts of the country.

And, whether you're looking for a small town cottage, complete with picket fence, or a maintenance-free condo overlooking the beach or a rustic mountain home, you'll find exactly what you are looking for.
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